August 23, 2019

October 5, 2018

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Qantas Cautious About Headwinds

August 23, 2019

Capacity adjustments to match market outlook

There was a note a caution in the FY19 results released by Qantas. In their outlook they note several head...

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Tourism - Who's Winning, Who's not.

October 15, 2018

Introducing the 'Australian Tourism Leaderboard'

The states go head to head - the winners and the losers!


The Australian Tourism Leaderboard (ATL) is an independent, political spin-free guide to how the states are doing in tourism. It's an open and honest appraisal of performance over time. While a week in politics maybe a long time, a year in tourism isn't long enough to judge marketing tactics or successful strategies. Rampant short-termism within government agencies and the political art of reporting only "good" numbers, often masks important successes, challenges and trends the industry should know. Sometimes it's not pretty, but the 260,000 small businesses in tourism need to know the good and the bad if they are to grow their markets, innovate their products and build their resilience within this crazy, wonderful and exciting industry - so here is the ATL!

The ATL uses two key determinants of tourism success over time - growth and share - across three critical metrics, visitors, nights and spend. Measuring and ranking state performance  across these six metrics creates the tourism leaderboard. Here's what the Total Domestic leaderboard looks like across the six metrics, with the national average as the benchmark. 

How do you read this? Well WA has been going gang busters over the last ten years. They have had the number one growth rate in the number of visitors and nights, as well as the number one growth rate in their share of total domestic tourism. What's interesting is WA slipped when it came to spend. How does the number one state in visitors and nights not make it in spend? See the answer to that in a later post!


So NSW were in almost the opposite situation to WA. They were number four and five in visitors and nights growth respectively, however they were were fifth and sixth in terms of their growth in market share. Importantly, NSW growth in visitors and nights was less than the national average (shaded numbers). NSW did however, rank number one in spend growth and share growth.


Queensland on the other hand was last (seventh) in terms of their market share growth in all three metrics - visitors, nights and spend. They did however, do a little better than SA and NT in terms of visitor and spend growth. The overall result meant Queensland was last on the leaderboard.


What does the detail look like? The detail below shows that there is a slight downward trend in the overall change of shares and five states have actually lost share over the time period.



















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