Understanding consumer motivations, business influences and global trends.

"Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominant, if not the only, source of competitive advantage."

Peter Drucker

We bring the knowledge, capability and insight necessary,

to create and sustain a successful future-focussed strategy. 

Our strategic trinity for tourism is consumer motivations, business influences, and the trends shaping our world.

With these three we can help craft powerful, dynamic and competitive solutions - for today and tomorrow.   

Consumer Insight


As consumer zealots, we are focussed on understanding the needs, motivators and behaviours of the tourism consumer. We have just completed one of the world's largest tourism consumer insight projects, so we do understand - better than anyone. 


Business Environment


It's our business to know the tourism and business environment. We provide assessment and analysis of the influences that are occurring at the industry level as well as those that impact tourism within the general business environment. 


Global Trends


We bring the big picture into focus with summaries and assessments of the latest global trends that will influence tourism, consumer, business, industry, destination and government. Through these trends, we model the relevant future variations in tourism.